Speakers 2022

Profiles from many professional backgrounds

Jean-Philippe Clapot
Senior Consultant at dbi services

Exploring CI/CD with Gitlab

Gitlab has been on the market since 2011 and was initially present as a git hosting platform. Since then, the product has evolved and is now one of the key players in the DevOps products landscape. One feature of this platform is called Gitlab CI/CD and - as the name suggests - it provides CI/CD capabilities.  

We will explore together the CI/CD features of the platform and, more specifically, we will discover how to build and deploy components. 

Julia Aymonier
Head of Organization and IT at City of Lausanne

Data – The key to success for conversational AI and machine learning projects

The search for quality data which can be used to feed predictive analytics machines and conversational AI is not evident.
But this is not the only challenge when considering AI projects.
How do we identify what we want to achieve with conversational AI ? How do we ensure an ethical use of AI and avoid bias ?

Richard Benjamins - Keynote Speaker
Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefonica

Artificial Intelligence: a 360 perspective including business, ethics, society and climate

AI, as a transformational technology, provides us with many opportunities in business, society, government and in our lives. However, there are also negative, although oftentimes unintended, consequences of the use of AI. This talk will give a 360 perspective of the use of AI, including business, social, ethics and climate.


Beat Bühlmann - Keynote Speaker
CEO at Graphax AG

The Triple Overload and what to do about it

Back-to-back meetings, file nirvana, version conflicts, home office, virtual teams, remote leadership, misunderstandings, etc. In short: the overload of knowledge workers. Sound familiar? In this short eye-opener training, you will get not only a ruthless presentation of the actual situation, but also several practice-proven tips that you can implement right afterwards.

Core topics:

  • Trends and their impact on the world of work
  • No longer being a slave to digital tools, but becoming master of the situation again
  • Communicating and collaborating more productively with real examples
  • The most important Dos & Don'ts
  • Q&A


Franck Pachot
Developer Advocate YugabyteDB

Live Demo: YugabyteDB Elasticity and Resilience in Containers

Come see a demo of YugabyteDB in a cloud-native lab environment. We will show how we can deploy, scale, and be resilient when running YugabyteDB on containers. With an easy to reproduce docker-compose or K8s helm chart, we will discuss the advantages of a distributed database, showing the application continuity during planned or unplanned operations on the pods.


Hans-Jürgen Schönig

Fuzzy Search in PostgreSQL Fuzzy search is the future and the times of "=" are more than counted in many use cases

Often it is necessary to perform approximate searches to get a little more fault tolerance into the systems and queries. There are many ways to do this in PostgreSQL and we will look at how to do this in this talk.

David Barbarin
Senior Database Administrator at Migros online

To be DBA in a DevOps-oriented company

DBAs have traditionally been the gatekeepers for the data due to importance of databases in a system and de facto a siloed role in many organisations. But IT industry is a change machine and DBA role should evolve with the raise of cloud native systems, distributed environments (like microservices) and DevOps culture where time-to-market should be as low as possible. DevOps can be viewed as an buzzword but it comes with interesting pillars including tools, processes, people and culture and question is what does it mean concretely for DBAs? In this session, I propose to share my experience and challenges I had to face on this topic.

Angel Borroy
Developer Evangelist at Hyland

Guidelines for designing a Content Service Platform from zero in a Cloud-Native World

Join this session to learn from the architectural decisions taken by Hyland for the design of the new HxP platform: Messaging, APIs, UI, Identity and Access Management, Hosting, Upgrading & Migrating, Extension, Conversion and Transformation, Search and Indexing and Shared Infrastructure. The talk will cover a wide variety of technologies and patterns to build and deliver Enterprise-ready products for the future.

Jasmin Fluri
Database / DevOps Engineer at Schaltstelle GmbH

The Science of Database CI/CD

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) for databases is becoming more and more common. Many projects are implementing their own CI/CD. Many tools promise to be the right solution for the implementation and to solve all possible problems. But what is known about database CI/CD from a scientific point of view? What elements are necessary for an efficient and effective CI/CD? What really improves team performance and reduces the risk of releases? This talk presents the latest data from a database CI/CD research project and examples of database CI/CD pipelines.

Hervé Sanglard
Associate of UDITIS SA

Ensuring the privacy of data transmitted over Internet is definitely a hot topic

While the interests of citizens and states diverge, what does the technology offer today?

Initially, IP and Internet were not designed to protect the privacy of data and metadata. Additional layers, such as SSL/TLS, have been added to reinforce the privacy of sensitive information, in particular, in the frame of e-commerce. Then other tools to protect infrastructure and other services appeared such as VPN and TOR. Today, a new type of private network called Nym based on a mixnet and the blockchain technology could add the missing layer to guarantee data and services privacy on Internet transparently for users. How does the Nym “network” work to build a privacy infrastructure and what benefits this new paradigm brings.

Maria Sokhn
Digital Arc Hub

How to evaluate your company’s digital maturity level

Digital transformation is a process that aims to change an organization so that it can gain a competitive advantage through the use of current or future technologies. It can impact all of the company's activities, right down to its business model. It requires the implementation of a clear strategy, based on the measurement of the degree of digital maturity. The Digital Arc Hub allows you to evaluate your company's digital situation, in a complete and precise manner, and to obtain a personalized summary. To evaluate your company's digital maturity level, you will go through 27 criteria divided into 9 dimensions.

Pierre Leducq
Regional Manager Europe at Dbvisit

With 13 years experience of deploying DR systems on Oracle SE databases , Dbvisit has now expanded its coverage to MS SQL Server and soon to PostgreSQL.

Through the description of multiple installations around the world, we will describe the motivations behind the investment in DR solutions  from various customers with configurations on premises but also in the Cloud and often Hybrid.

Datas are growing exponentially and their criticality is following the same.

What RTO and RPO can you consider nowadays, and in the future.

How to secure your data and at what cost.

We will expose the risks and offer solutions.

Clemens Bleile / Alain Fuhrer / Manfred Grasser
Oracle Technology Leader dbi services / Delivery Manager dbi services / LGT

Proof of Concept for the next generation Oracle platform: “Engineered System” versus “Best of Breed”

The next Oracle DB-platform had to satisfy requirements in the area of Performance and Cloning (each developer should get an own Production copy with masked data). To achieve that a PoC was done to compare the Engineered System from Oracle “Exadata” with a platform optimized for Performance and Cloning  (Lenovo-Server with Netapp-Storage). This presentation shows the experience gained on the journey to a new database platform. 

Marco Arnaboldi
Senior Researcher at Oracle Labs

Graph Support in Oracle Database

Graphs constitute a powerful tool to efficiently leverage latent information stored inside data connections. As the number of connections grows exponentially in today’s increasingly common big data, being able to process graphs at scale is more and more relevant. In addition to this, being able to always query the latest version of the data and avoiding exporting data outside of the security umbrella of the database are increasingly important characteristics of enterprise graph systems. The talk will focus on presenting techniques for addressing the previously mentioned challenges by adding native graph processing support in the Oracle Database

Didier Wenger / Alex Rechsteiner
Cloud Architect / Cloud Architect

Simplify Database Management and Speed Up Software Development Across Clouds

Manage the entire database lifecycle, from database provisioning and scaling to version upgrades, patch automation, and more. Across on-premises an public cloud - all from a single control plane
Enable self-service provisioning for both dev/test and production use via API integration with popular infrastructure management and development tools like ServiceNow, Ansible and Terraform.
Quickly roll out security patches across some or all your databases (ORACLE, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB) and restrict access to databases with role-based access controls to ensure compliance.
To get best experience out of it, we will demoing live during our session.

Daniel Westermann
Principal Consultant at dbi services

Working effectively with (-support-) the Community

This session is for all people who are either new to PostgreSQL, just started with it or want to listen to a personal story. When I started with PostgreSQL more than 10 years ago, I came with an Oracle background. Entering a real open source community and working with the product they're creating is totally different from what I knew before. One popular example is support: Can I trust the Community to provide me with support when I need it? How do I get support at all and what do I need to do when something really goes wrong? There are many do's and dont's, and in this session we'll take a look at the most important ones. This will save you quite some time in your journey with PostgreSQL and will make you more confident on how to use it.

Hervé Schweitzer
CTO - Principal Consultant at dbi services

YaK: the next-gen multi-platform infrastructure managed services


Nowadays it is possible to run your databases in many environments (On-premises or Cloud). This allows you to move your database workload from one Cloud provider to another, but the setup of these infrastructures can be complex, mainly because of Cloud provider specific tasks. With the help of the YaK, we achieved to provision and configure databases from a single interface on all Cloud providers platform. The only remaining task is to move the data. Last but not least, the YaK-core part is available for the Open-Source Community.