Speakers 2023

Aurélie Vache
Devrel at OVHcloud

Tips to combat impostor syndrome 


Who hasn't said something like: I feel like an impostor? I don't feel legitimate doing this or that.

Some people are convinced that they don't deserve their success, despite the efforts they make to achieve it. They often convince themselves that their success is not linked to their work or their personal achievement, but simply to luck or the work of others. In fact, they live with a constant sense of deception and fear that someone will find them out any day now.

In this talk, we'll take a look at what imposter syndrome is, how it is reflected in everyday life and we'll see that it doesn't have to be this way - on the contrary, there are tips and tricks to combat it, overcome it and improve.

Solange Ghernaouti
Cybersecurity and cyberdefense expert, UNIL professor

Internet of Things and Data Valorization: Beyond Promises, Challenges, and Risks


The number of sensors and objects connected to the Internet continues to grow, as well as our interactions with the Internet of Things. All of this has multiple consequences on our environment and our way of being and shaping society. The multidimensional impacts of deploying the Internet of Things will be approached from the perspective of risk management in order to address the challenges of data capture and valorization, which are at the core of the development of the digital economy and artificial intelligence.

Viktor Farcic
Developer Advocate at Upbound & DevOps Toolkit YouTube Channel founder

Databases Belong to Apps and Apps Belong to Git


Databases serve as the data store for applications, yet, we often separate them from the application lifecycle. This separation makes it difficult to manage the lifecycle of the application and the database together. It also makes it difficult to manage the lifecycle of the database itself.

Can we unify application and database lifecycle management and put them into the hands of the developers? Can we create a system through which DBA experience is codified and served as a service?

In this session, we'll explore how we can combine GitOps with Argo CD, Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions through Crossplane, and schema management with Atlas to create a system that will allow developers to define and manage their applications and databases in a simple and consistent way.

Christophe Bolinhas
Software Engineer at UDITIS

Automating deployment of infrastructure and code within Microsoft Azure, from Zero to Hero


In this presentation, we will explore the steps to implement an automatization of a fully manual development process, and provide an overview of the different steps and the tips and tricks to succeed.

This presentation will specifically focus on a PaaS infrastructure within Microsoft Azure.

Jean-Philippe Clapot
DevOps Technology Leader & Consultant at dbi services

From DevOoops to DevSecOps: a journey in securing your environment


DevOps combines collaboration and communication between development and operation teams using automation, CI/CD and feedback loops. In this session, we will discover how this aspect of DevOps could improve and secure your workload and its delivery.

Frank Zeindler
Product Owner at dbi servces

Migrating data and technology – with warranty


You want to move your data from an on-premise installation to the cloud and switch to a new database technology at the same time? You want to check data completeness and integrity at the destination? Can you prove this to third parties including audit & compliance? Should you manage business-critical data, these are crucial questions you'd like to answer. We will show you how this can be solved with OMrun in a few clicks.


Anaig Maréchal
Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft Philantropies

Leveraging Large Language Models for Advanced Data Management

In the fast-evolving landscape of data management, data engineers play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity, reliability, and efficiency of information systems. The rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) has opened up unprecedented opportunities for data professionals, revolutionizing the way data is handled, analyzed, and governed.


In this session, we will explore the transformative impact of LLMs on data engineering practices. Attendees will discover how LLMs can be harnessed to streamline various data management tasks, ensuring the delivery of accurate and reliable data to drive organizations achieving data excellence standards.

Emmanuel Wagner
DevOps Consultant at dbi services

Is IT sustainability compatible with DevOps?

With the need for resources savings, IT sustainability best practices should be considered with a high priority by every developer.

DevOps' objective is to fasten the code deployment, from development to production.

Are resources savings and deployment acceleration really compatible ?


Daniel Westermann
Technology Leader at dbi services

Escaping a public cloud using PostgreSQL logical replication with minimal downtime

This is the story of a real customer case: Because it was easy to set up, no real DBAs were around, and costs seemed fine, the customers chose a managed PostgreSQL service in a public cloud to start the project. After a few years, the size of the production database grew to 8TB, resulting in a significant increase in monthly costs.

Exploring the options was one part of the project. Choosing the best of them came after. Then troubles started because we hit all kinds of limitations of a public cloud. This talk is about how logical replication proved to be the ultimate solution.


Mike Dietrich
Senior Director Product Management, Oracle Database Upgrade, Migrations and Patching at Oracle

Oracle Database 23c - What's coming, and when should you move?

Oracle Database 23c is available in the Oracle Cloud and as a Free Developer Edition already. So let us have a closer look what you can expect from the new long term support release. Is it time to move now? Or should you wait a bit? And which are the key features helping you to modernize, being me more agile and faster? Certainly, we need to talk about the best approach to migrate as seamlessly and smmothly to Oracle Database 23c.

Michel Rueger and Yannick Escudero
Senior Sales Engineers at Sophos

The road from XDR to a managed SOC

In this session you will learn how you can detect and prioritize potential threats, lead investigations on suspect behaviors without setting up a costly SIEM solution, and how the Sophos MDR team can help you to investigate and respond to an incident.

Christophe Cosme
Delivery Manager at dbi services

Real-time reporting of your on-premises data with SQL Server 2022 Azure Synapse Link

New SQL Server 2022 feature named Synapse link allows you to analyze your on-premises data in real-time using the power of Azure Synapse.

How to avoid long and cumbersome development of ETL/ELT processes and integrate your business data in Azure Synapse.

Natividad Moreno
Senior Consultant at sumIT

Building efficient „low code“ data pipelines in Snowflake


Snowflake was one of the first Data Warehousing platforms in the cloud, built with the aim to facilitate the data-driven decision process to every single company: forall types of data and being able to scale compute and storage dynamically. The product portfolio has been since then enhanced with numerous new features to secure, operate and get more value from their data.

In this presentation we will focus specifically in how Snowflake helps Data Engineers to design and build data pipelines for different workloads making use of new built-in functionalities, which will eliminate eventually the need of ETL and orchestration tools and minimize at the same time the amount of programming effort,achieving this way acceleration on delivery time and a higher costs reduction.

Mihael Adzic
BI Consultant at b.telligent

The Future of Data Analysis: How AI Revolutionizes Data Visualization and Processing

ChatGPT, Microsoft's Copilot, and AI are currently ubiquitous and have the potential to change the way we analyze and comprehend data. However, how much of the hype surrounding AI is justified, and how can AI truly enhance data analysis? This presentation explores the future of data analysis and how AI is revolutionizing data visualization and processing. We will examine how AI-based technologies, such as machine learning, can recognize patterns in data and make predictions. Additionally, we will discuss how AI is changing the way we visualize and present data.

The presentation provides insights into the latest trends and developments in data analysis and how AI is altering the way we use and understand data.